Weighing hood or clean room hood

In order to maintain the health of personnel and samples and medicinal materials, a process called weighing in a weighing hood or weighing chamber is needed. This hood or chamber directs the flow of fresh air from top to bottom using a HEPA filter, and the air is exhausted from the bottom through filtration.


What is a clean room or weighing hood?

A clean room hood or weighing chamber, which is also known as a weighing chamber, is a device for creating a clean environment in the laboratory. By using the weighing hood, the user can protect both himself and the material to be weighed (sampling) from environmental pollution. Also, by using this device, suspended particles created by sampling are not spread outside the hood or chamber. In this way, the laboratory environment is also protected. Therefore, the weighing hood is a device to create safety for the user, the experiment and the environment against laboratory contamination during material sampling.

Working method of the weighing chamber

  • Blowing the air flow from the ceiling HEPA filter from top to bottom
  • Suctioning the outside air of the room at the rate of 10-30 to create negative pressure
  • Directing airborne particles to the pre-filter G4 at the end of the chamber
  • Air passing through the bag filter F9 / F8
  • Creation of air flow by radial fan motor
  • Excess air discharge of 10-30% after passing through the H13/H14 HEPA filter from the front exhaust of the chamber
  • Passing 70-90% of the air flow through the H13/H14 roof HEPA filter downwards

Application of weighing hood or clean room

The weighing chamber is used for the following purposes:

  • Weighing operations in pharmaceutical companies and laboratories
  • sifting
  • The operation of separating powders and liquids, the operation of filling tanks with raw materials
  • Filling and emptying reactors, dryers, granulation and…
  • The operation of grinding materials, distribution of materials, etc.

Technical specifications of the clean room hood

  • Creating negative pressure to prevent the release of particles in the surrounding environment
  • Adjusting the output speed of the HEPA filter
  • Creation of A-GMP class
  • It has 500 optical lux
  • It has a system to announce the filling of each filter, including pre-filter, HEPA and bag
  • Customized equipment in the weighing chamber includes the following:
  • Intelligent system to increase the engine speed as the HEPA filter gradually fills automatically
  • Special filter filling display with graph
  • Special display for negative pressure in the chamber with warning in case of violation of negative pressure
  • Antistatic PVC entrance curtain to increase the quality in the weighing room
  • A picture of the sifting operation of the weighing chamber targets
  • Screening operation of weighing chamber targets

The main components of the weighing or sampling chamber

  • The body of the chamber is made of steel.
  • The filtration process, which is very important, is performed by 3 filters.
  • Blower and suction fan motor
  • Filters clogging detection sensor
  • Pressure difference gauge
  • Plesko outlet

last word

In fact, the weighing or sampling room is a clean space that is like a clean room where the air flow is blown from top to bottom and the suspended particles in the air due to weighing or sampling are directed and absorbed towards the filters. In this process, the user and the goods stay away from contamination. Also, the negative pressure inside the weighing chamber prevents the penetration of particles outside the chamber. Also, this room is very important for maintaining the health of the personnel.

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