Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Company with the international brand NST LAB with more than 15 years of valuable activity and accompanied by some prominent experts and researchers in the field of production and manufacture of laboratory equipment  is under the management of Hadi Shabnamzadeh with a master’s degree in  the field of electrical control.

The most important turning point in the history of Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Company was the stable and strong motivation for the production of laboratory equipment. He was entrusted with a reputable Canadian company called Conviron. This device was out of order for several years due to defective parts and lack of technical knowledge and sanctions by several foreign countries.

By forming a technical team of experienced experts and using their technical knowledge, they succeeded in repairing the Phytotron device and introduced it to the field of research of the National Institute of Genetic Engineering, which was encouraged and approved by the esteemed director of the institute. This support and encouragement became the motivation to establish a research center in the form of a company and to officially start their activities with the aim of producing laboratory equipment and designing and building Environmental Growth Rooms and Plant Growth CHambers.

In the first step of production, the company was able to present its first device to Bojnourd University by using the advice of experts, which received great encouragement and approval from the esteemed president of Bojnourd University and the esteemed president of the National Institute of Genetic Engineering.  Efforts and acquisition of up-to-date technical knowledge and the use of constructive opinions of researchers led to the establishment of Noor Sanat Ferdows Company, which after knowledge Enterprising and establishing in Alborz Science and Technology Park and the development of research in the field of laboratory equipment It could be one of the top companies producing laboratory equipment in the country.

Engineer Hadi Shabnamzadeh in 1397, following an agreement with his partners, decided to establish another independent company with the aim of further developing the production of laboratory equipment. This company was established under the name of Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Company and with the international brand NST LAB with the aim of researching and developing the manufacture and production of modern equipment and systematizing activities in line with the superior goals of producing laboratory equipment.

Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Company, now accompanied by a team of experienced and committed technical experts and benefiting from the expert opinions of the country’s top researchers, intends to provide unique and reliable products to our dear customers with its expertise, innovation and creativity in designing and manufacturing and to gain a valuable position in the technology of production of laboratory equipment. Exporting products to Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan is one of the proud achievements of this company.

The sales department of Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Company consists of trained and ethical personnel who are ready to provide any specialized advice by observing the traditional value of customer orientation.Free Telephone technical support is available to esteemed customers after delivery and installation of laboratory equipment.

Hard- fined commitment of our experts to superior quality that has made us a reliable partner in producing laboratory equipment eversince we started. The purpose that the company sets are the promises that are given to the customers, so it appropriate to change the way of performance in accordance with the purposes. Therefore, we produce products that lead the research of the country forward.

Noor Sanat Tajhiz Ferdows Co. | Engineer Hadi Shabnamzadeh